American Flag Memorial Day Stars and Stripes Day is celebrated in Fort Myers and Naples with stone flags and rag flags

American Flag Memorial Day Stars and Stripes Day is celebrated in Fort Myers and Naples with stone flags and rag flags

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On June 14, american flag memorial day is celebrated on Flag Day. It honors the sacrifices made by the country’s veterans, the freedom that its people value, and the unity that comes from having many different kinds of people in one country.

American Flag Memorial Day Stars and Stripes Day is celebrated in Fort Myers and Naples with stone flags and rag flags

From the first 13 stars and 13 stripes to the 50 stars that will wave on Tuesday, our flag has come a long way. Southwest Florida, on the other hand, has two heartfelt American symbols that aren’t like the rest: one has 48 stars and the other won’t fly.

A concentration camp with stars and stripes
A miracle flag is owned by American Legion Post 38 in Fort Myers. It was made out of pieces of shirts and jackets torn off by prisoners at the Nordhausen concentration camp.

American Flag Memorial Day Stars and Stripes Day is celebrated in Fort Myers and Naples with stone flags and rag flags

In 1945, Allied troops were moving toward their area, so these brave men sewed an American flag so they could give it to the troops who would free them. If they were caught, they would be hanged because Germany was losing the war and didn’t have many weapons left american flag memorial day.

In Nordhausen, american flag memorial day life was terrible. Its slaves were marched every day to underground factories where the V-2 rocket, Germany’s last-chance war weapon, was made. They were being worked to death slowly, and the weakest ones were left in the camp without food or water to die among the dead. When the Americans got there, more than 3,000 of the prisoners who had been herded into it would have already died.
This American Legion post is the only one in Southwest Florida that is open to the public. It gets a small number of people who want to see it.

“Some people american flag memorial day just come in to stand there and look at it, and they cry,” said Kevin Boyd, the post commander. He took the flag from the late veteran John Spain and put it in a prominent place in the legion’s art gallery.

Spain was part of the tank division that freed Nordhausen. Some of the hungry prisoners who could still stand up gave the flag to Spain. His son, John F. Spain of Estero, remembers how much his father, a history buff with a memory like a camera, loved that flag. Boyd’s father, who died in 2002, was also the commander of an American Legion post, just like Boyd american flag memorial day.

The fact that an American Legion has an art gallery makes you do a double-take. Boyd explains that he and his post wanted to give veterans a way to express themselves through art as a possible form of therapy. They even host a free painting session for the public once a month. The 3-by-5-foot flag with 48 frayed little stars of David is a powerful sight on the gallery wall. It was the last act of defiance by the prisoners.

It might be the strangest flag in all of Southwest Florida, let alone a Legion post. The stripes are held together with machine-stitched seams, but each of the faded white stars is sewn by hand. Flood damage has left a zigzag pattern of water stains down the right side american flag memorial day.

Boyd already has a lot to do as post commander of a public legion that runs its own food bank, helps veterans, and decides every year who gets to go to Boys State. So he’s glad that the Holocaust Museum of Southwest Florida is thinking about doing something to fix it.

Boyd’s biggest hope american flag memorial day is that any Nordhausen prisoners who are still alive — which would be a second miracle — can see that flag again.

“That would be great!” he whispered.

Fort Myers is at 1857 Jackson St. Phone: 239-332-1853

Freedom Park is built on a stone symbol.
The 13-foot-tall, 40-foot-wide flag looks like it is flapping in a strong wind. But it is made of granite stones of different colors that are held in place by a base made of darker granite in the shape of the United States.

american flag memorial
american flag memorial

The Freedom Memorial of american flag memorial day Collier County got its name from the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center Towers, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania where a plane meant for the U.S. Capitol building crashed instead. It was, however, a gift to all veterans and people who work in emergency services.

Jerry Sanford came out of retirement to work for the New York Fire Department’s media center after 9/11. He has been its supporter, organizer, and cheerleader. Even though not all of the bricks are paid for yet, he was glad to see it opened in 2016.

The foundation is still asking for money for the $100 and $300 ones, which can be customized with a message that has been approved. Many of them now honor not only veterans and first responders, but also friends and family. “We even have a brick there named after a horse,” said Sanford.

For Sanford, who lost friends on 9/11, it has been a mission. He was even able to get a few beams from the World Trade Centers to put in the memorial. Now, he wants to finish the flag.

Sanford said of the stepped map of the United States, “We got a american flag memorial day very nice anonymous donation so we can finish the stones.” The fully mapped plaza will be ready for 9/11 this year if the Minnesota quarry can comply. There are still 23 states to carve.

Sanford also said that every part of the memorial stands for something. There are also benches for sitting down and thinking.

Sanford said that people often american flag memorial day leave flowers in front of the house. Even though this flag doesn’t move, may it wave forever.

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