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Improve White Gaming Monitors

At a regard Expert’s Standing Pros
Sturdy, seductive design
Two HDMI2.1 anchorages for 4K/ 120Hz press gameplay
Strong erected-in audio
Excellent color diapason
Disappointing discrepancy rate
Modest SDR brilliance
No USB-C, only one DisplayPort
Lackluster HDR
Our Verdict
BenQ’s Mobiuz EX3210U is a 32- inch, 4K examiner that’s aimed at two different druggies — the PC gamer and the content creator — but, unfortunately, does n’t hit the mark with either White Gaming Monitors.

White Gaming Monitors

Stylish Prices Moment BenQ Mobiuz EX3210U
BenQ’s Mobiuz EX3210U is another entry in the decreasingly competitive arena of 32- inch, 4K, high-refresh observers that target not just PC gaming but also current- word consoles. The twist? It also packs features for content generators White Gaming Monitors.
BenQ EX3210U The specs.

The BenQ EX3210U has a brace of HDMI2.1 anchorages furnishing 4K/ 120Hz gameplay when connected to a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X game press. DisplayPort1.4 is offered for PC gamers and ups the outside refresh rate to 144Hz White Gaming Monitors.

Display size 32- inch White Gaming Monitors

Native resolution 3840 × 2160
Panel type IPS
Refresh rate 144Hz
Adaptive sync AMD FreeSync Premium Pro
Anchorages 2x HDMI2.1, 1x DisplayPort1.4, 4x USB-A
Stand adaptation Height, cock, swivel,
VESA mount Yes, 100x100mm
Speakers Yes, plus woofer
Price$ MSRP
In addition to high refresh rates, this examiner boasts an extremely wide color diapason and a 10- bit panel. This means it can display1.07 billion colors without using teetering to pretend colors. That’s great news for color performance, though the EX3210U’s image quality is far from perfect White Gaming Monitors.

BenQ EX3210U Design
BenQ’s Mobiuz gamingsub-brand isn’t the most seductive examiner line moment, but it’s close. It has a clean, angular donation common to the gaming space, but dyads this with a distinctive white-and-orange color palette White Gaming Monitors.

This helps the EX3210U stand out from the crowd, yet remains subtle enough to fit in with a professional home office. A custom RGB accentuation light is available to spice up your gaming space after dark but can only be controlled manually through the examiner’s menus White Gaming Monitors. It’s off by dereliction.
The stage reveals the distinct gamer aesthetic of BenQ’s Mobiuz line.
Matt Smith/ Foundry

The examiner is massive and sturdy, with a weighty stage that provides height, cock, and swivel adaptation. Figure quality is top- notch, nearly on par with Alienware’s stylish White Gaming Monitors. Still, like Alienware’s displays, the sheer size and heft of the BenQ EX3210U is n’t for everyone. This 32- inch examiner takes up a lot of space and does nothing to minimize its footmark on your office.

BenQ EX3210U Features and menu White Gaming Monitors.
The BenQ EX3210U has two HDMI2.1 anchorages, one DisplayPort1.4, and four USB-A3.0 anchorages. This is a solid arrangement for gamers. You can connect a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and gaming PC at formerly and enjoy 4K/ 120Hz from the consoles, plus 4K/ 144Hz from a gaming PC.

It’s good to see four USB-A3.0 anchorages, but they ’re all located on the hinder I/ O panel, which makes them hard to pierce. There’s no USB-C and no support for DisplayPort- eschewal. The competition also lacks these features. Still, given the EX3210U’s price, it would be nice if BenQ served up some extras.
The anchorages are located on the upper edge of a depressed cube on the examiner’s lower backside.
Matt Smith/ Foundry White Gaming Monitors

On- screen menu controls are robust but confusing. The examiner includes multiple gamma and color-temperature settings plus custom color adaptations, though these have vague markers. The examiner also has a devoted sRGB mode, which is useful if you need to restrain the examiner’s wide color diapason. Still, these features are penetrated assub-menus for specific preset picture- quality modes White Gaming Monitors, which adds an redundant step to finding and using them.

You might forgive this, still, because the BenQ EX3210U comes with a remote. The remote can be used to pierce all on- screen menu controls. It’s a handy addition that’s hastily and more comfortable than using buttons on the examiner.

The EX3210U has a brace of 2-watt speakers, plus a 5-watt subwoofer in the reverse. This setup provides good sound quality. It has limits — the lack of stereo separation is notable and treble cascade piecemeal at high volume — but it’s a fine relief for budget PC speakers. Numerous contending gaming observers do n’t indeed include speakers.

White Gaming Monitors
White Gaming Monitors

Erected- in speakers and a subwoofer give a decent volition to a set of PC speakers.
Matt Smith/ Foundry White Gaming Monitors. It also has a erected-in microphone with noise cancellation. The microphone’s quality is about equal to a good laptop mic and the noise cancellation works well. I would n’t recommend it for recording a podcast, but it’s forfeiture for videotape calls White Gaming Monitors.

BenQ EX3210U SDR image quality White Gaming Monitors

The BenQ EX3210U might be a gaming examiner, but it has nearly equal emphasis on superior image quality for content consumption and creation. This is generally good news, though the examiner does suffer several excrescencies White Gaming Monitors.

SDR brilliance comes in at just 263 nits, which is significantly lower than numerous challengers. This is a bit puzzling because the examiner’s maximum HDR brilliance is significantly advanced. It suggests BenQ designedly limits the brilliance of the examiner.

There could be good reasons for this. In numerous cases, viewing SDR content at a brilliance above 200 nits can make dark scenes look worse. It may indeed come uncomfortable over time when viewing in a dark room. Still, it’s better to let druggies ramp up brilliance if they feel the need.

Differ is a serious problem for the EX3210U. I measured a discrepancy rate of just 5401. Gaming observers with an IPS panel, similar as the EX3210U, are notorious for disappointing discrepancy — but the EX3210U’s performance is indeed worse than usual.

A lack of discrepancy is bad news for depth and dimensionality in both games and pictures. Content frequently seems flat compared to displays with better discrepancy. Black position performance is bad, so dark scenes look hazy with conspicuous bright spots along the edges of the screen White Gaming Monitors.

The EX3210U isn’t alone, still. Direct challengers like the Viewsonic XG320U and Asus ROG Strix PG329Q share this issue. While the EX3210U stumbles in discrepancy, it picks itself up with color performance. It delivers 100 percent of both the sRGB and AdobeRGB spreads, plus 95 percent of DCI-P3. These are excellent numbers that further than qualify the EX3210U as a wide- diapason display.

Gamers will generally like the pictorial, oversaturated color that results. It looks crisp, vibrant, and punchy, especially in games like Valorant or Overwatch. Content generators who want to work in a color space beyond sRGB will appreciate this, as well.

Average color delicacy comes in at an error of1.9, which is good, but not fantastic. Numerous contending observers have analogous performance out of the box. This position of delicacy is fine for gaming but wo n’t impress content generators who watch about accurate color donation.

The BenQ EX3210U has excellent gamma wind performance with multiple settings. This is good news for both gaming and content creation, as it helps give an accurate and well- balanced image in a variety of situations.

On the other hand, color temperature was out at dereliction settings. I measured a color temperature of 5400K. This is important warmer and further sanguine than the typical target of 6500K. This can be fixed with the examiner’s color temperature settings, still. Do n’t forget that the EX3210U is a 4K examiner. Text looks crisp, games pack awful detail, and high-res videotape looks razor sharp.

Content generators should know this examiner has a true 10- bit panel, which increases the number of colors it can display without teetering and reduces color banding overall. The addition of a true 10- bit panel may contribute to its price. With that said, those who do n’t formerly have strong beliefs about the significance of “ true” 10- bit color are doubtful to appreciate this.

In summary, the EX3210U’s image quality is mixed. The examiner’s excellent color and sharpness provides a great experience when watching or playing punchy, detailedcontent.However, or a noir movie like The Batman, the examiner’s problem with discrepancy will be conspicuous, If you fire up darker games like Diablo II Revivified. BenQ EX3210U HDR performance.

Turning on HDR boosts the examiner’s outside sustained brilliance to 512 nits. This is advanced than Viewsonic’s XG320U, which maxed out at 463 nits, but below the Asus ROG Strix PG329Q, which rose to 529 nits. HDR content does n’t look great, still, and discrepancy is again the malefactor. There’s not enough of a gap between the brightest and darkest discrepancy to punctuate surprising detail in either veritably dark or veritably bright scenes. The examiner offers a dynamic backlight point, but because this is an edge-lit examiner, it does n’t work well.

BenQ’s HDRi preset modes aren’t good. They drastically shift both the color and gamma towards a brighter but less accurate donation. The result is a flatter, less various look that I do n’t suppose anyone will prefer. The examiner’s DisplayHDR mode is the only HDR image- quality preset worth using.

The BenQ EX3210U includes an adaptive image quality point called HDRi. This sounds good but, in practice, it needs a lot of work. Any image quality enhancement it provides is delicate to discern.

BenQ EX3210U Stir performance White Gaming Monitors

The BenQ EX3210U supports refresh rates up to 144Hz over DisplayPort and over to 120Hz over HDMI2.1, and it includes two HDMI anchorages. Stir clarity is strong at both 120Hz and 144Hz. Fast- moving objects show only minor blur and retain enough clarity to fluently see the action. Great stir clarity also retains detail when you snappily flip the camera, similar as turning in a first-person game.

Games also feel smooth at high refresh rates, which is to be anticipated. A refresh rate of 144Hz might feel stingy compared to lower 240Hz or 360Hz displays, but remember This is 4K. This is good as it gets for a 32- inch, 4K examiner.

BenQ embraces AMD FreeSync Premium Pro for adaptive sync. This makes sense given the examiner’s focus on press gaming in addition to PC gaming, as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are powered by AMD plates tackle. The examiner isn’t officially G-Sync certified, but G-Sync worked when the examiner was connected to both an Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti desktop plates card and a laptop with Nvidia RTX 3060 mobile plates.

BenQ EX3210U Final studies White Gaming Monitors

BenQ’s Mobiuz EX3210U is a examiner aimed at two different druggies but does n’t hit the mark with either. The addition of two HDMI2.1 anchorages and a 4K/ 144Hz panel suggests a focus on press and PC gaming, but the examiner’s disappointing discrepancy rate limits its appeal. It’s only ideal for pictorial, logged games.

Content generators will like its wide color diapason and true 10- bit panel, both of which contribute to outstanding color support. But the examiner lacks useful productivity features like USB-C, and its color delicacy is simply fine.

The EX3210U could be a good pick for a couple hundred bones at MSRP. Until also, I can only recommend it to content generators who want to play 4K/ 120Hz games on the same setup they use for work.

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