Configure your Netgear range extender using IP address

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Looking for extender setup page? If you are moving your head in yes, this is the post you actually need. Here, we will make you aware of the process to set up your WiFi Range extender using the default IP address. Just stick to this post and get relevant solutions to your problems related to Netgear extender setup using the IP address. is the default IP i.e. Internet Protocol address intended to handle the basic and advanced settings for your Netgear wireless extender. This IP address is being used when doesn’t work for you. Netgear extenders are the leading WiFi boosters to deal with dead zones which you are getting within your house or workplace.

In case you are unable to access for setting up your extender, use this IP address for the same. Here, we are going to explain the steps in details to configure your WiFi Range extender using

Set up Extender with an Ethernet port

Does your WiFi extender include an Ethernet port on it? If a big yes, walk through the instructions given below:

Now, you are ready to use your WiFi Range extender. Change the settings of extender according to your preferences. If you fail in setting up the extender or stuck at any step, don’t shy to take instant help from our knowledgeable technicians. Just chat with us and find your extender installed and configured within minutes.

Set up WiFi Range extender without an Ethernet port

If you own a WiFi Range extender which doesn’t have an Ethernet port, here are the steps to consider while installing it:

So, your WiFi Range extender has set up. is not working?

Sometimes, the IP address doesn’t work and load the new extender setup page. It often happens because it is not a regular website on the internet. You hardly know that it is a local web address. That’s why you may face errors. Fix this issue by having a look at the below-mentioned steps:

If the issue still exists, contact our Netgear extender support team. We are 24×7 on our duty to keep you away from technical problems.

Disclamer: mywifiext is a self-dependent technical help service provider for extender setup and related issues. Our experienced & knowledgeable experts are available 24*7 for you.