6 things to remember about the 2022 Tony Award Trophy

6 things to remember about the 2022 Tony Award Trophy

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The first full Tony Award Trophy season on Broadway after the pandemic shutdown was celebrated at the 75th Annual Tony Awards. A lot of the shows up for awards were supposed to start in 2020, but theaters closed for an unplanned year and a half.

6 things to remember about the 2022 Tony Award Trophy
Tony Award Trophy

In his speech accepting the award for Best Play, one of the people who worked on The Lehman Trilogy said, “Between the fourth and fifth preview, there were 577 days Tony Award Trophy.”

Still, this year’s Tony Awards didn’t keep talking about how hard COVID was for the industry. It didn’t beg people to come back. Instead, the show was surprisingly warm and friendly, and its host, Ariana DeBose, had a lot to do with that.

6 things to remember about the 2022 Tony Award Trophy

Here are six things I noticed while watching the Tony Awards on Sunday night:

  1. Give everything to Ariana DeBose to host.

DeBose, who won an Oscar for her role as Anita in Stephen Spielberg’s West Side Story, gave a master class on how to host an awards show, or really any show Tony Award Trophy. She was funny and silly, and she strutted into the crowd and sat on Andrew Garfield’s lap. She talked about her theater teacher mentor in a way that was so touching that it made her cry. She was honest and made gentle comments about how different races are treated in the theater business Tony Award Trophy. She said, “I feel like the Great White Way is becoming more of a name than a way to get somewhere.”

Most important Tony Award Trophy, she had a boyfriend. She didn’t treat the awards like an episode of Hollywood Improv; she wasn’t competing with anyone else on stage for laughs or attention. Instead, it was as if she took the audience by the hand and invited us all into her living room to watch the show together. She just seemed to be enjoying herself.

We believed her at the end when she said, “Broadway’s back, baby, and she’s waiting for you!”

The Tonys are open to everyone! Unless they are not.

Whoa, for a while it looked like almost all of this year’s Tony winners would be white. A lot of the show was about how theater is open to everyone, and the nominees were all different, but the winners weren’t until the very end.

As the Tonys went on, it looked like the new musical A Strange Loop, which is about a Black gay man who is struggling, would end up with 11 nominations but no awards. Best Musical Director, Best Score, Best Scenery, and Best Lighting? All of those went to different shows. L Morgan Lee of A Strange Loop is the first openly transgender performer to be nominated for a Tony Award. This was a big deal at the Tony Awards. But when it came down to it, Patti LuPone’s work in Company won her the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Musical.

But then things changed. Since A Strange Loop won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 2020, it was almost a given that it would win Best Book. But, surprise!, it also won Best Musical.

Other winners who were people of color were Phylicia Rashad for Skeleton Crew, Myles Frost for MJ, and Joaquina Kalukango for Paradise Square (who earned a standing ovation, the only one of the evening, for her thrilling award show performance).

But the United Kingdom won the most money that night. Winners Simon Russell Beale, Sam Mendes, Marianne Elliott, Toby Marlow, Lucy Moss, Bunny Christie, Es Devlin, Gabriella Slade, Jon Clark, and Ben Power are all British.

Tony Award Trophy
Tony Award Trophy
  1. Hooray for the back-up actors! (and standbys and swings and stage managers and …)

The unnoticed people who keep the show going, especially when the big names are out with COVID, were a big theme of the night. Ariana DeBose said that she started out on Broadway as an understudy, and she said that Mallory Maedke, the understudy who performed a number from the new musical SIX at the Tony Awards, only had a few hours to get ready. In their speeches, other winners like Jesse Tyler Ferguson thanked back-ups, standbys, and swings Tony Award Trophy. Also, the stage manager for Paradise Square was shown to the cameras. And 150 safety managers from Broadway COVID were given tickets to the awards show. They waved to the people watching on TV from the balcony.

A quick note: people often think that anyone who fills in for an actor is an understudy. But understudies play in the ensemble and can step in as lead actors if needed. Standbys are actors who wait backstage in case a lead actor can’t go on, and swings play several roles in the ensemble Tony Award Trophy.

  1. Jennifer Hudson got her EGOT

Hudson already had an Emmy Tony Award Trophy, a Grammy, and an Oscar, and tonight she won a Tony. She is one of a number of people who are listed as co-producers of A Strange Loop. She joined the team when the show moved to Broadway. She is the 17th performer and the second Black woman to get all eight of these awards.

  1. Finally, Dana H got the attention she deserved.

The show Dana H, which ended in November of last year, was so little-known that two hosts messed up how to say its name. It was called Diana by George Takei and Donna H. by Josh Lucas. But it was an amazing show that tore people apart. When playwright Lucas Hnath was in college, he recorded his mother telling the story of how she was taken hostage. Actor Deirdre O’Connell then lip-synced to the tape. O’Connell is on stage almost the whole time by herself.

Mikhail Fiksel, the sound designer for the play, won the award for best sound design, which seemed like a “duh” moment since the whole play was about sound Tony Award Trophy.

But O’Connell, who was up against Mary-Louise Parker and Ruth Negga, won a Tony against all odds. “If you need a sign from the universe that you should make weird art, here it is,” she said in her speech.

  1. Everyone misses Stephen Sondheim

Even before the Tony Awards, people thought that Company might win for Best Revival because its music and lyrics were written by Stephen Sondheim, who died on November 26 of last year Tony Award Trophy. It did.

But Sondheim was also remembered in a beautiful way Tony Award Trophy. Bernadette Peters sang “Children Will Listen,” a song from his 1987 Broadway musical Into the Woods. Because of the clips of Sondheim talking about how the arts are about teaching, it was nostalgic without being too sweet. It reached out to the audience, just like the rest of the awards show.

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